“My Teen Uses Depression and Self Injury to Manipulate


From time-to-time, I hear some variation of, “My child is so manipulative.  She’s only cutting herself and saying she is depressed for attention.  She’s not really that depressed.” When manipulation is suggested, there are several points I typically make to parents: 1) … Continue reading

The real scoop on relationship violence and abuse (Read this with your teen daughter.)


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What you need to know about domestic violence: 1)  Violence doesn’t start with hitting and physical abuse.  Abuse is about power and control, and begins by the perpetrator gaining power and control in sometimes subtle ways. 2) Yes, women can be … Continue reading

For parents of kids with depression and/or anxiety. (some practical suggestions.)


By Angelica Shiels Psy.D. I greet you in the waiting room, and ask if you need to let me know anything before I bring your child back to my office;  You usually say “no,” and likely wonder what is going … Continue reading

Handling difficult emotions: A Simple PDF.


By Angelica Shiels Psy.D A while back, I created a  document for some of the teenagers I see in therapy (For therapists:  It combines CBT and DBT, addressing some common thinking errors, validation, radical acceptance, and distress tolerance in a SIMPLE FORM.  … Continue reading

So you hate your teen daughter’s boyfriend.


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By Angelica Shiels Psy.D.   His name is “Nick,” but all his friends call him “Bro” …. Errr, I got that wrong; it’s actually “Brah.”. The first time you met him, he wore a flat-billed, fluorescent hat and this shirt: … Continue reading

For adolescents with extreme emotions and behaviors


I am a BIG fan of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and use it In individual therapy and with my teenage girls group. DBT is a type of therapy which basically teaches awareness, tolerating difficult emotions, and social /communication skills. Although it … Continue reading