MUSTerbation and SHOULDing on yourself: Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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I wish I could say that I coined these brilliant terms, but alas, it was Albert Ellis, the grandfather of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).  REBT says that an incident occurs (a), and then we have a belief about that incident … Continue reading

8 simple ways to stop unwanted thoughts. By Meg Sanity.


Recently, I was scouring the internet for a quick cheat-sheet which would describe several strategies for managing unwanted thoughts.  (Therapists search for bizarre things.  Like, in the middle of a CBT therapy session, google can help ascertain the answer to, “Can a spider break … Continue reading

DBT and “Mindfulness” (so you don’t chuck any remotes into any TV screens.)


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“Dialectical Behavioral Therapy” (DBT) is a type of therapy developed by Marsha Linehan which helps people manage and tolerate distressing situations and feelings.  DBT is similar to “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” (CBT) in that it challenges ways of thinking that end up making you feel … Continue reading

Handling difficult emotions: A Simple PDF.


By Angelica Shiels Psy.D A while back, I created a  document for some of the teenagers I see in therapy (For therapists:  It combines CBT and DBT, addressing some common thinking errors, validation, radical acceptance, and distress tolerance in a SIMPLE FORM.  … Continue reading

How to stop intrusive thoughts. By Meg Sanity


Guest Post By Meg Sanity Thought replacement is one of the most widely-used techniques in cognitive behavioral treatment. It is also one of the most self-explanatory techniques under the cognitive behavioral umbrella. What you do is…replace your thoughts. This is … Continue reading