Neglectful Dan and Spazzy Marci: A super common couples dynamic. (Or individual dynamic if you are Marci b/c Dan only comes to therapy if he is dragged by his ear.)


Behold, my sloppy attempt to capture a dynamic I see EXTREMELY OFTEN in therapy, where a “crazy” person is not really crazy at all and a “neglectful” person is not really a narcissist at all, AND the whole misguided cycle … Continue reading

Leverage those neurotransmitters! (Practical advice for CEO’s, teachers, and parents.)


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You may think this is merely a disgusting display of tuna-fish baked into a fish shape. But it is actually a picture of my five-year-old’s hard-won dopamine, seratonin, and oxytocin. I’m currently consumed with Simon Sinek, an author/speaker who just … Continue reading