Crazy moments: Everyone has ’em. Here’s the important question to ask yourself.


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It was the middle of the 2015 blizzard affectionately referred to by Marylanders as “snowmaggedon.” Naturally, my husband and I felt it was a good idea to schlep our three kids through three-feet-deep snow on a three-mile-round-trip hike. Good sledding … Continue reading

Joey’s Secret: Defensive, strong, yet never good enough.


  I followed my mother around the mall, transforming hanging lights into spaceships and  marble tiles into the surfaces of planets.  Shiny reflections were laser beams to be avoided and hurdled. Zoom zoom, the mannequin Martians will be defeated! JOSEPH ALLEN TANNER!!!!! A … Continue reading

Want some good relationship advice? Couples therapists dish.


I recently asked 7 couples therapists to weigh-in with their answers to some important relationship questions.  If you are married or in a long-term-monogamous (LTM) relationship, take a couple minutes to read what the experts have to say.  Better yet, read it … Continue reading