Family Bootcamp. (A training program for spouses and parents.)


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By Angelica Shiels Psy.D. “Family” is not for the faint of heart.  As a family therapist and someone who has a family myself, I actually think that marriage licenses and pregnancy tests should offer disclaimers. Similar to the warnings on alcohol and tobacco products, I think … Continue reading


This goes out to all the ladies who hate being pregnant. By, Kristen Mae


This post was so true, so relatable, and so hilarious! Thanks, Kristen! By Kristen Mae of “Abandoning Pretense” “Pregnancy is a gift from God.” “I just love the feeling of knowing a tiny human is doing laps in my uterus!” … Continue reading

Genius ideas for the proper care a feeding of husbands.


  By Angelica Shiels Psy.D. (Article also posted on the Mommy Happiness Project and Scary Mommy.) So I have come across a few articles (written by men?) that admonish wives to be gourmet-cooking, attentive temptresses for the sake of their marriages…. … Continue reading

12 habits that could ruin your relationship.


1) Being condescending, sarcastic, or contemptuous toward your partner: 2) Failing to intentionally appreciate his/her unique talents and contributions: 3) Criticizing or emasculating your man (Gottman): 4) Stonewalling, avoiding, or ignoring your woman (Gottman): 5) Mentioning that she must be … Continue reading

Handle Your Judgy Mom Friends Like a Boss.


By Angelica Shiels Psy.D. So really!? Mom judging is still happening in the day and age when Huff Post Parents and every mommy blog out there preaches “tolerance” and “support” on a daily basis? Guess for some, all the articles in the … Continue reading