Does Your Family Have a Mission Statement?


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  I have read several articles suggesting that there are benefits to families developing mission statements. And I agree. Living according to mission statement ensures that interactions and decisions are deliberate and consistent with the overall goals of the family. It is … Continue reading

Family Routines and Rituals = Good for Kids.


Research has found a correlation between participation in family routines/rituals and positive language, social, emotional, and academic development in kids.  While psyhologists can’t say that the “routines” actually cause the positive outcomes (this is correlation, not true experiment), researchers concluded that families with routines tend … Continue reading

The opposite of anger is surrender


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A couple of months ago, I had one of those mommy out-of-body experiences where I was looking down on myself screaming at my five-year old son….And I couldn’t stop.  It was scary, so of course, I started over-thinking it.  I … Continue reading