Ode to the anxious person’s spouse.


Dear spouse of a person whose nerves are raw,

You are a vision of patience and deserve an applause.

How sweetly you listen to Web MD’s diagnosis,

When your spouse knows she has deep vein thrombosis.

Hail to you when you don’t roll your eyes,

When your partner drones-on about government spies.

You are truly a gem when you hold your love’s hand,

Because the bridge is too far from the safety of land.

You smile and assist in locating a bench,

Away from the scene because the crowd is intense.

Using the word “crazy,” you have acutely observed,

Just makes your partner feel more sharply disturbed.

And it’s out of love and a keen sense of survival,

That “I’m here for you,” has made a crucial revival.

The panic attacks you do not judge,

But sometimes you offer a gentle nudge,

To take deep breaths and perhaps step back,

Instead of encasing your child in bubble wrap.

When your wife frets before company comes over,

You make use of the vaccum, the swiffer, and the lawn-mower.

Ode to those whose husbands fret losing their jobs,

You mention their tenure, but still listen and nod.

You witness the fears multiply like mitosis,

And aloud suggest trying a med for psychosis.

When comes the glare, you wince and yelp,

“Honest. I was only trying to help.”

Hail to the spouse who analyzes nightmares with interest,

And searches for “homemade dreamcatcher” on Pinterest.

When, six hours before the flight, it’s, “HURRY!  WE’RE LATE!”

You calmly Google traffic so no one hyperventilates.

If this sound familiar, you understand for certain,

The feelings of a worrying person.

I applaud your use of this skill called empathy,

Because THAT’S how to love someone with anxiety.


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