5 reasons your husband is on Ashley Madison

ashley madison

This is for the thousands of [mostly] women who recently spelled-out their husband’s email in that little box on the computer screen …. click click click…. and were horrified to see the results….

Here are 5 reasons your husband has an Ashley Madison account:

1) Your husband wants to be desired. And instead of sheepishly asking you to act-out the opening scene of Jackie Jumps Jimmy, HE CHOSE to cheat.

2) Your husband wants novelty. And instead of asking you to don a wig and pretend you’re a stranger named Brenda, HE CHOSE to cheat.

3) Your husband has an impulse-control problem.  Instead of acknowledging that he’s been compulsively thinking about sex with other women (or watching porn), HE CHOSE to bypass accountability and act on his impulses.

4) Your husband has an empathy problem.  Instead of considering how heartbroken his wife (and children?) would be, HE CHOSE to ignore the emotional fall-out of others.

5) Your husband is hella passive-aggressive.  Instead of constructively explaining that  he feels emasculated and inadequate when you nag him to do laundry and don’t initiate sex, HE CHOSE to do something to hurt you back.

And there you have it:  Five reasons your husband’s behavior has everything to do with your husband and nothing to do with your worth and lovability.  People cheat because they choose to take an easier route instead of address relationship and personal challenges head-on.

Your choice, which is totally yours (YOURS. Even if your sister tells you a million times you need to get a divorce and even if your priest tells you a million times you need to stick it out), will be to decide whether you want to work together as a couple to navigate these scenarios in the future or end the relationship.


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