What Children Really Want… (Guest post by Jaclyn Weatherhead)

This post by North Carolina therapist Jaclyn Weatherhead spoke to my own observations about the consumerism mentality (mainly how it fails to fulfill adults and children alike) …. And she was kind enough to offer her writing as a guest post for me.  Because really, another Lego set will lose its appeal in 3 days, where a sense of acceptance, belonging, and purpose will last a lifetime.  🙂

 So without further adieu, take it away, Jaclyn…


Remember the movie “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson a few years back. It was all about the ins and outs of relationships and a true “Chick Flick”. In the movie Mel gained insight into the woman’s mind and was able to read it verbatim and was BAFFLED and overwhelmed with what they REALLY wanted. He had it all wrong!  …. Continue here


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