What matters to a kid when it comes to family life? (A huge study.)


We often hear about how self-care and stress management is necessary for mothers.  However, did you know that a mother’s contentment, especially within her relationship, is related to child’s well-being? 

A huge study by the University of Essex found that “the happiest children are those living with two parents — either biological or step — with no younger siblings, who do not argue with their parents regularly, who eat at least three evening meals per week with their family and whose mother is happy in her own relationship.”

In the study, only 55 percent of young people whose mothers were unhappy in their romantic relationship said they were ‘completely happy’ with their family situation. However, 73 percent of young people whose mothers were ‘perfectly happy’ in their relationships reported being “completely happy.”

This finding is yet another reason why maintaining relationship well-being should be prioritized as part of self-care and also part of nurturing the overall family environment. (Now everyone text the babysitter to schedule a date night 🙂 )

Read this.

Also, check out The Mommy Happiness Project for resources/support for moms.


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