Summer bucket list for grown-ups.

Psssst. I have a secret for you, a delicious, life-changing secret:  Just because you’re a parent with a job doesn’t mean you’ve been sucked into the vortex of monotony and stagnancy.

New experiences contribute both to individual emotional well-being AND increased relationship satisfaction. So… Why not make a grown-up bucket list for yourself? (“Grown-up.” Because “adult bucket list” just felt wrong.)

In fact, I love this concept so much that I did it myself! Here is my personal, realistic (you will notice that publishing a novel and traveling to Greece did not make the list) summer bucket list:

1) Find out something I didn’t already know about my sister, mom, and husband.

2) Go see a local, unknown, just-starting-out musician and play his CD for my kids. Explain to them the awesomeness and courage of what they are hearing.

3) Deepen two friendships by telling them more about myself (not something done easily. Occupational hazard) and extending of myself to help them/have them over. Make one new friendship. (Like a REaL friendship. Like a drive-to-the-airport/ help-each other-move friend.)

4) Have two get-togethers at my house that require guests to wear costumes.

5) Read one kid biography a week to the boys, mostly because I like learning about historic people in under 20 minutes.

6) Put myself on-video online even though it’s totally outside of my comfort zone.

7) complete insurance paperwork for business and sign lease. (Bucket list items CAN be boring if they make you feel fulfilled.

8) Learn how to cook one delicious meal.

And there you have it, a grown-up summer bucket list, created by someone who likes a lists a little too much on account of her tendency to get distracted and get nothing done.


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