How to get your kids to repeatedly profess their love for you, yes even the one who is going through a phase where he says he only likes daddy.

Step one: Wait for the first big snow of the year, the one where school is delayed two hours.

Step two: Have the kids get dressed and ready for the day as usual.

Step three: Secretly pack the car with 3 pairs of boots, 3 sets of snow pants, and 3 sleds. Errr… wait. Make that two sleds and a trash can cover since one of the sleds disintegrated this fall.

Step four: Tell the kids to get in the car because it’s time for school.

Step five: Pull into the empty school parking lot and keep driving all the way to the end where there are hills that extend into big open spaces.

Step six: Announce your surprise and await your kids’ professions of undying love. Do not be surprised if one of them calls you the best mommy in the world, and even the three year old who only kisses daddy gives you a spontaneous smooch.


Surprise! School is delayed and you get to cruise down the hill on a trash lid! What’s that?! I’m the greatest mom ever?! Wait until I reveal that I also packed dollar store animal crackers for a 9AM snack!!

And that’s how you do it. From, the therapist who hates winter more than anything but nevertheless tries to squeeze a little bit of joy out of January whenever the opportunity arises, and also must admit that one kid actually wore one winter boot and one rain boot since searching through storage is hard to execute on the sly…


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