Nominate your friends and spouse for the “Parenting Black Belt AWARD”! (Parenting: It doesn’t have to be thankless.)

So yesterday, Professor Parenting, joked about me receiving a “parenting black belt” in the mail, after a stroke of luck and some naivety got my 4-yr old to admit he was lying.

Haha.  Yah right.  There are no gold-stars, awards, or black-belts in parenting. In fact, parents rarely ever get recognized for their tireless patience, self-sacrifice, and efforts. I mean, a spouse’s knowing grunts and a toddler’s sleeping snuggles are heart-warming, but wouldn’t it be great if it was actually a thing to give other parents encouragement and recognition?  I think it should be.

So, I present to you…. The “Parenting black-belt,” (AKA the “the “PBB”) offered to friends, spouses, and strangers for their masterful abilities to do their best day in and day out as parents:


Here’s how to nominate a parent for a PBB:  Simply save the picture of the award (easy to do with a mobile device), and plaster it on the parent’s timeline!  Let him/her know why he/she is getting the award, of course.

Reasons to nominate a spouse/aquaintaince/friend/lady-you-see-at-Target include, but are not limited to:

1)  You had a 102-degree fever, but you managed to somehow get the kids off to school before you curled up in a ball and passed out.

2)  Your kid was screaming her head off for you to buy her a Monster High doll, but you remained calm and neither bought her the doll nor dragged her out of the store by her toes.

3)  You provided four cakes for the bake sale, and they were filled with eggshells and pretty much tasted like shit baking soda.  But only an amazing parent would patiently allow a preschooler to help with the baking and teach her to take pride in contributing to a cause.

4)  I watched you pace the back of the auditorium with your colicky baby as your preschooler sang her Christmas program.  You were sweating and powerless, and when you handed the baby to people who offered to help, he just screamed louder.  Instead of missing your daughter’s solo you just kept your head up and smiled at your preschooler on the stage.

5)  You have a teenager.  ‘Nuff said.


No rules, here!  Give this award to as many people as you  want and for whatever reason you see fit!  Let’s make encouraging other parents a “thing” 🙂

Angelica Shiels Psy. D.

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14 thoughts on “Nominate your friends and spouse for the “Parenting Black Belt AWARD”! (Parenting: It doesn’t have to be thankless.)

  1. I saw a woman who endured her small child screaming, “I want a lolliiiiiiiiiiiipop!” at the top of his lungs for so long she opted to skip going into the store to buy groceries. I could see she was taking deep breaths but she did NOT cave. I wish I could have given her PBB right there on the spot!

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  3. I can identify. Some days I get all 3 babies washed, dressed, make organic pancakes from scratch, get the oldest to nursery school, take the other 2 grocery shopping and out for a bit, pick the other one up, clean, do laundry and the day comes together. I guess those are my black belt days! Other days…. make me look forward to those!!

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