6 Things Your Husband Will Never Ever Notice or Care About

1)  Whether the bed is made, the sheets are washed weekly, or throw-pillows even exist.  Actually, you can pretty much put anything that has to do with interior decorating or deep-cleaning on this list.  

its a white wall

2)  The pinterest-perfect party or event that you spent months planning. Don’t be offended if, despite the monogrammed M&M’s and home-made party favors, he still appears unimpressed.

im sittin completely surrounded by no beer

3)  The details of your office gossip, all about your frustration with so-and-so, the back-story on why bla-bla-bla is so annoying, or any other social/emotional “problem.”  If a man can’t solve it, just hearing about it is like nails on a chalkboard for him.

make it stop

4) That five to ten pounds you put on over the winter.  Or that zit that cropped up on your forehead.  Or the fact that you went a day without washing your hair. He does. not. care.


5)  The fact that you spent twenty minutes meticulously laying out the garnish, the green beans one by one, and the glaze on the chicken so that it perfectly reflected the dim candle-light.  Don’t take it personally when he simply devours your masterpiece because he just. wants. food. 

guy eating

6) That trendy cut-out dress that is shorter in the front than the back and your amazing coordinating cuff bracelet and peep-toe booties. You spent a couple hundred dollars and a couple hours on your outfit; Meanwhile, at best he’s thinking: ” Mmmm, I think I see some leg through that colorful flap of fabric,” and at worst, he’s thinking: “Uhhhh…..I don’t get it.”  

question marks

Hope this made you smile, and maybe consider dropping something from your list of things to worry about!


This overthinking mommy


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